Dendrimer-Phosphine Complexes

Project information

  • Publication: Dendrimer-Phosphine Complexes with Platinum(0) at the Core, Balaji B. S, Yasushi Obora, Daisuke Ohara, Shigehiro Koide and Yasushi Tsuji, Organometallics, 2001, 20, 5342-5350.

In this work, novel mono- and bidentate phosphine ligands having dendrimer moiety is prepared. Complexation of these ligands with PtCl2(COD) followed by NaBH4 reduction in a THF/H2O mixture gave Pt(0) complexes. Monodentate ligands gave PtL3 complexes and bidentate ligands gave Pt(L-L)2 complexes, respectively. Preliminary studies on oxidative addition of RI (R = CH3 or C6H5) to Pt-monodentate ligand complexes showed that the metal center is easily accessible. Further, molecular modeling of Pt-bidentate ligand complex showed nanoscale flattened globular structure of the complex with an approximate diameter of 4.4 nm.

Polyamide dendrimers via AB2 hypermonomer strategy

Project information

  • Publication: Double exponential growth of aliphatic polyamide dendrimers via AB2 hypermonomer strategy, Baghavathy S. Balaji and Michael R. Lewis, Chem. Commun., 2009, 4593.

For the first time successful application of double exponential growth for the synthesis of aliphatic polyamide dendrimers has been developed. It was also shown that unactivated biotin can be efficiently coupled to amino acids in high yields, using solid-phase techniques.